About Us

SERVICIOS GARITA OTAY INC. is an established company leader in its industry, founded in 1990. This company offers solutions to the transportation sector, both public as well as private. With more than 20 years of service, Servicios Garita Otay Inc. has met its client’s needs and exceeded their expectations.

The company has highly qualified and specialized personnel with broad knowledge of their company operations and an excellent relationship with government agencies on both sides of the border that are responsible for issuing permits and licenses for freight transportation. Clients are assisted in both English and Spanish.

Servicios Garita Otay Inc. complies with Mexican and American transport regulations, and is credited with the adequate operating license, issued by the National Commission of Insurance and Bonding in Mexico (CNFS, for its acronym in English) and by the California Department of Insurance.

The work of Servicios Garita Otay Inc. has been recognized with the following awards: Diamond Award 2010, 2011, 2012 by CAIC.

  • Diamond Prize 2010
  • Diamond Prize 2011
  • Diamond Prize 2012


Our mission at Servicios Garita Otay Inc. is a guarantee and commitment to providing high quality service and personalized assistance to each one of our clients. This promise is through the proper management of a wide range of products and services that will translate into a solution for our client’s needs of road transportation along the United States and Mexico.


Our vision at Servicios Garita Otay Inc. is to maintain leadership within our industry by providing quality service and client processing in a timely and customized manner. We also offer the best rates available in order to sustain a bond and a long lasting relationship with our clients.


Our company carries core values such as human quality, ethics, honesty, and responsibility and commitment to our clients. It is essential to deliver the highest satisfaction and quality in our work towards our collaborators and clients.

  • Professional ethics

    In each one of our projects, it is our commitment to respect the trust and confidence that our client has placed in us.

  • Honesty

    It is fundamental to us that the information provided to our clients is based on complete honesty, firm and true facts.

  • Commitment

    The bond between our clients and collaborators is very important in managing an assigned project with quality and meeting their expectations.

  • Customer relations

    Our customer relations are essential and it is reflected in our personalized service, our interest and humble attitude shown before our clients, allowing us to work in an environment of compatibility and consistency.

Competitive advantages

Experience and commitment has allowed the company to accumulate a substantial competitive advantage that allows market leadership. For example, among the most outstanding are:

  • Customized assistance
  • 20-year experience and operation in the North American and Mexican markets.
  • Permits and processes for public and private transport.
  • Professional and independent agent with certification by the National Commission of Insurance and Bonds in Mexico and by the California Department of Insurance.
  • 100% bilingual assistance, consulting and processing.
  • Punctuality and clarity in processing paperwork.
  • Office facilities in Mexico and the United States (Otay Mesa, CA).
  • Convenient office hours.
  • Certified verifications.
  • Client financing available.

Our Clients

Other Clients

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